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City of Sitia by night.

Description of DOKAS

Dokas is an organization which has been created for the development of the municipality of Sitia.

Official site of Sitia Municipality.

Services provided by DOKAS:

Sitia Nature Park

The history of this land has been flowing for thousands of years alongside the history of its people. And although the time of humans usually leaves gaps and unexplored points, the time of the land in Sitia has recorded its marks in every nook and cranny: on the rocks, in the ravines, in the caves and in its unique gorges.

The courses of humans and land here, in eastern Crete, intertwine and complement each other. The marks of humans are revealed in the rich archaeological finds and in the present day, still unadulterated, life of its residents. The land is revealed in each of the hundreds of points of geological interest of the area.

Below are some photos from the National Park of Sitia:

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Please follow the link to visit the official site of Geoparko:

Sitia Natural Park


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